Our History


Unwritten Media has been involved in a variety of projects over the years.

We would like to take a minute to celebrate some of that history and give you a sense of where we are headed.

The Founding

Unwritten Media was founded by technology visionary and entrepreneur Marshall Anschutz and his wife in 2010. Before then, Marshall ran a company called Ice House Productions that specialized in timecode solutions.

Some fun projects from the early 2000’s included:

Timecode triggered event lists for the Volvo Ocean Race and the 2006 Olympics.

Timecode commercial software and custom solutions for companies such as Pixar, BBC, Discovery, and A&E TV.

Live backstage digital signage that coordinated 1000 cast & crew in several off-broadway productions

Mental Health Software

Unwritten Media’s first major project was MHPOffice, a project to help counselors and psychiatrists manage their practices.

This project introduced Unwritten Media to the worlds of HIPAA and PCI compliance, third-party integrations, high-traffic load-balancing, and countless software best practices.

The healthcare industry is slow moving, and we brought several innovative techniques to the user interface that made MHPOffice stand out for ease of use. Additionally, we begun to grow our team with several new staff members to help handle development, social media, administrative functions, and support.

B2B Projects

Unwritten Media has several other businesses and corporations who have tapped our technologies and team.

We have run several in highly scalable & highly available websites on cloud-based infrastructure such as Amazon’s Web Services.

Also, we have been a part of some virtual reality technology that is a shipping product for a client.

Mobile Apps and the Future

We have navigated complex government regulations and managed servers that crash at unwelcome hours of the night. And, finding enough hours in our small team’s day to tackle bugs has always been a delicate balancing act.

However, we are excited to begin an expansion into several new projects.

Our next project is in development, and I am personally excited to see how simple it will be to help several industries beyond the video and healthcare fields that we have typically targeted.

If you have a side business and use Etsy or a similar online store, please like us on Facebook or Twitter to stay tuned on what is coming next!


Thanks for taking the time to read about how our small business has grown and pivoted over the years.

Thank you also for our loyal customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to grow and push the boundaries into the territory of what has been “unwritten” so far.

— Marshall (aka. The Founder)

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