What to Expect When You Create a Ticket


In order to promote an efficient workflow, the MHPOffice team created a weekly schedule for system fixes and update releases. So, this is what you can expect now when you create a ticket through the MHPOffice Helpdesk.

Remember: the best way to get a fast response from our team is to create a ticket through the Helpdesk. To quickly reach the Helpdesk, log into MHPOffice and click on “MHPOffice Helpdesk” in the top right corner of the Overview page.

As a company, we follow the same SOAP method clinician’s use for notes to respond to customer issues.

After you have created your ticket, an MHPOffice team member will respond to your ticket within one business day so you know our team is aware of your issue. You may be asked to provide more details (subject and object) concerning the matter. In order to speed up the process, be sure to provide as many details as possible when you first create your ticket.

After our team receives all the information we need, we will assess the matter; in other words, we will determine if your issue an easy fix or a mountain of problems.

Within two business days, our team will respond with a plan of action. We will let you know approximately when your ticket will be resolved.

Most tickets will be resolved within the scheduled weekly fix. Though, some tickets may take longer. On rare occasions, we will find that fixing a particular problem may reveal other issues within the system and take longer to resolve. No matter the outcome, we promise to communicate everything to you as soon as possible.

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