BlueprintVR Opens the Door to Virtual Reality in Construction Design

The blueprint has come a long way. Almost every architect and builder can show their client 3D graphic images of a new build or a remodel. However, 3D images of a building are only as large as the computer screen. A client can’t fully understand the space until it is built.

That is, until now. BlueprintVR immerses the client into the building plans as if they were standing inside what has already been built.

How does it work?

The team at BlueprintVR takes your CAD or PDF files and creates a virtual reality experience of the building plans, putting the user inside of the building. The user can take a self-guided tour of the plans, walking in and out of rooms, noting the space of each room and the flow of the design.

Technically, it is a mobile app, downloaded onto a smartphone and used primarily with the Samsung Gear VR. The user moves through the home with the use of a game controller. Home designers or clients do not need the virtual reality hardware. BlueprintVR has S6 compatible VR goggles for our customers.

Is it necessary?

Building a new home can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

BlueprintVR Founder, Marshall Anschutz and his wife, Jessalea, found themselves in the situation that many new home builders have been in before: they could not fully grasp the space and layout of their new home simply from the two-dimensional building plans given to them by the architect. This home was a big investment, and they were anxious about approving plans that they didn’t fully understand. This gave Marshall the idea to take the plans of their home and turn them into a virtual reality application that put Jessalea inside the foyer of their new home as she put on their VR goggles. They immediately realized the potential this application could have on the construction and architecture industries.

We all know that time and money are wasted and frustrations mount when clients do not see the full picture. Communication opens up and misunderstandings over design are eliminated once the client is able to experience the home in virtual reality. BlueprintVR increases efficiency and allows for collaboration between teams across town or across the globe.

How do I get started?

BlueprintVR is currently accepting CAD or PDF files from new customers. To create a free account, visit

Because each construction project is unique, our delivered product is different for each client. Email us at for specific pricing information on your project.

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