The Advantages of Using A New and Developing Technology

Virtual Reality is not necessarily new, but it usually associated with gamers or those involved in technology and software. Or something we’ll use only in the distant future. However, it is quite possible the future for virtual reality is here, and many industries are looking to this relatively unknown technology to increase efficiency as well as customer interaction.

Toculus-rift-inside-crophe social media giant, Facebook, is investing time and resources into VR. This month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he believes VR glasses will play an important role in our lives, allowing us to share “experiences with those we love in completely immersive and new ways.”

Reuters reported last month retailers are experimenting with combining e-commerce and virtual reality shopping. In the not-too-distant future, we may be able to virtually step into a furniture boutique in New York City, browse the store, view pieces in 3D, and simultaneously purchase merchandise.  

With virtual reality becoming more accessible, it will quickly enter the world of construction and real estate. So what are the advantages of purchasing a virtual reality program such as BlueprintVR, particularly while it is still in its infancy?

If you are a large builder with several communities, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. The BlueprintVR experience is so unique, a potential home buyer will have no trouble remembering you, automatically setting you apart from your competition.

screen-little-mode2Another thing to consider are the costs associated with a model home. It is impossible to deny a model home’s benefits in terms of showing off the quality workmanship your company as to offer. However, with BlueprintVR, a customer can step inside any of your floor plans almost instantly, but it would cost a fraction of the expense associated with building and running a model home. Our program can also be updated instantly to reflect the latest decorating styles or new floor plan adjustments and upgrades.

Does this mean the end of model homes? No, we believe this technology will work alongside model homes to provide the customer with the most information, allowing them to view everything you have to offer in one visit.

But BlueprintVR is not just for large building companies. Custom home builders and designers would benefit greatly from virtual reality.

When clients, architects and builders are all working together on one project, details can turn into assumptions and information can become misunderstood adding to the timetable and the budget. Size, flow, dimensions, and viewpoints can all be experienced uniquely with BlueprintVR, allowing your client to make all of their decisions and changes when they should be made, prior to breaking ground.

The more a home buyer is able to understand their project, the more confident they are in your ability to deliver the product they desire.  

All of these benefits are attainable in our program at this moment. But what is even more exciting is the potential this technology has for the future, something we will touch on in future blog posts.

If you are interested in learning more about virtual reality and BlueprintVR, please email us at

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