Announcing Realtor360


Now that Samsung has launched their consumer version of the GearVR, we thought it was the right time to announce our latest project: Realtor360.

We have been working in stealth mode for a few months on a solution for realtors to start using virtual reality. And, Realtor360 is the result of that work.

Realtor360 quickly gives buyers an accurate sense of layout and space by providing a variety of immersive experiences, depending on the technology buyers have available.

We will have more details over on our early access page soon.

If you haven’t seen the GearVR, check out Samsung’s commercial below.

I hope that excites you with the possibilities of exploring new properties as much as it does for me.

What’s next? My team and I will be working hard to finish Realtor360. And I hope you will sign up for our early access newsletter here!

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