Realtor360 Q & A: Question 1

Photo by Matthew Lambert

We are working tirelessly to get our new app, Realtor360, ready to launch within the next month. So, over the next several weeks, we will introduce the app’s capabilities through a series of questions and answers. Be sure to sign up for our early access program to get all of the latest information.Question: Does show all of the property’s specs and details? If so, will I have to input all the information into my MLS system &

Answer: Yes, and all related apps will show as much information about the property you would like to share with clients or the general public.

Our goal is complete integration with the various MLS systems. Please email us if you are in a position to contact your local MLS agency so that we can begin integration.

Our system will also allow you to publish listings that aren’t a part of the MLS process. For instance, if you are showing a private listing to VIP clients at your office or on the other side of the world.

Have other questions you would like to see answered? Leave a comment below or email us at

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