Realtor360: Question 2 – Virtual Reality


oculus-rift-inside-cropOur company, Unwritten Media Inc, has dived head first into the world of virtual reality. We realized its potential in real estate, and created Realtor360 with the capability of immersing interested buyers in a VR experience. So, today’s Q & A post talks more about that.

Question: What are Realtor360’s VR capabilities?  

Answer: Virtual Reality is just one of Realtor360’s components, but we believe it is integral to the app. The 360 photos that are showcased online and on our mobile apps can also be viewed through VR goggles.

The VR experience allows clients to be completely immersed into the home, giving them a sense of each room’s space and how it relates to the rest of the floor plan. Clients can also experience the property and where the house sits in relation to other houses, and the the size of the lot.

Next week, we will talk more about the hardware needed to give your clients the complete VR experience with Realtor360. Be sure to sign up for our early access program to get all of the latest information.  

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