Realtor360: Question 3 – VR Hardware

Photo by Maurizio Pesce

Last week, I wrote about Realtor360’s virtual reality capabilities. This week, you’ll learn about the hardware needed for the Realtor360 VR experience.Question: What hardware do I need to view homes in VR and how much will it cost?

Answer: In order to use Realtor360’s VR component, you must have a pair of virtual reality goggles which are becoming increasingly affordable with the release of Samsung’s Gear VR for $99.99. We also support the very inexpensive Google Cardboard, for those who don’t have a Samsung phone.

The larger investment will be a 360 degree camera. We highly recommend the Ricoh Theta, priced at under $300. The Ricoh Theta is simple enough for anyone to use, relieving you of the cost of hiring a professional photographer for each property.

Unlike some services that tie you to a particular camera, Realtor360 will support almost any 360 camera on the market, both today and those released in the future.

If you have any questions you would like answered, leave a comment or email us at

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