Realtor360: Question 4 – Site Integration

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to get back to business for 2016! We are in the middle of a Q&A series regarding our Realtor360 app. This week we talk about integrating with other sites.

Question: How will Realtor360 integrate with Trulia or

Answer: When buyers want to find a house, they typically go to one of the major online sites. We hope to enable your property listings to stand out when people go to those destinationsSo we understand the need to work with sites such as Trulia, Realtor and Zillow.

Search sites, such as the ones listed above, do not accommodate 360 photos, which is why Realtor360 is needed. We intend to integrate with the most popular sites and provide photos from your 360 listing that will encourage home searchers to explore the listing in 360 via the virtual tour.

Be sure to check back weekly for new Q&A topics. And if you would like us to answer a question, please comment, email or tweet us!

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