The Practical Side of App Testing


Creating a new app can mean hours of code writing and advancing through trial and error. Testing your progress is key to making sure all of your work is translating into a useful and useable tool.

And sometimes testing looks like pulling out every device you own (and even buying some more) to experiment with as many makes and models as possible. 

Because we all know that not all devices are created equally for viewing VR.

It takes me five minutes to remember how to turn on the Android phones.

Actually, I didn’t know that; I just found out yesterday. Apparently, what works on a Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t always work on a prepaid LG phone.

Our developer, Marshall, had a breakthrough on something called sensor fusion – which became more confusing the more I tried to understand it – but it is very important for viewing the property photos in 3D. It worked perfectly on his expensive Samsung phone, but didn’t work at all on our two prepaid Android test devices. 

Copy of Screenshot_2016-01-05-11-05-31
Cubes that aren’t moving…but should be.

So, Marshall , I guess you need to get back to the developing drawing board and figure out how to make the cubes move!

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