Realtor360 vs. the Virtual Tour


The virtual tour has become a standard feature in most markets when selling a home. So, when Realtor360 announces itself as a virtual reality marketing tool for selling and viewing properties, it is understandably difficult to know what exactly sets us apart from the typical slideshow accompanied by elevator music.

First, Realtor360 is set up to display spherical photos. Spherical photos show 360 degrees of a room in one image. It puts the user in the middle of the room and gives her the ability to scan every corner in one image. Even photographs using a fisheye lens can’t give you that much detail.

Second, because Realtor360 is specifically designed for spherical (360 degree) photos, the image will let you see every detail of each room. The user will be able to tilt the phone in any direction to view a crystal clear photograph of the property. This also allows for a better feel for the flow and floor plan of the home without even visiting the property.

Last, our website will immerse the user in the property with the use of virtual reality goggles. Imagine standing in the middle of the living room of one of your listings. Slowly turn your head around the room, or step around to look behind you. Notice where to kitchen opens up to the family room. Now look up at the ceiling at the wood beam accents and down to the beautifully stained oak hardwood flooring. This is how a potential home buyer will experience the property through Realtor360 with the help of spherical photos and VR goggles, saving you the travel, expense and time it takes to visit the property.

So, Realtor360 is more than another virtual tour company. It is an experience.

One thought on “Realtor360 vs. the Virtual Tour

  1. Dave Anderson February 2, 2017 / 4:11 pm

    It is amazing that there are so many different innovations in the market and that technology helps to be able to improve user interaction. The fact that to be able to see possible houses through a virtual tour seems like a great way to be able to find the perfect house that much faster. It is always difficult to schedule a day to tour houses because of the travel time and the time taken at each house. Now that they are even starting to integrate virtual reality goggles, the experience will be even better for potential buyers.


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