The Advantages of Using A New and Developing Technology

Virtual Reality is not necessarily new, but it usually associated with gamers or those involved in technology and software. Or something we’ll use only in the distant future. However, it is quite possible the future for virtual reality is here, and many industries are looking to this relatively unknown technology to increase efficiency as well as customer interaction. Continue reading

Our Goals for 2015: Celebrating and Serving or Clincians Better


It isn’t out of the ordinary for companies, particularly start-ups, to take time to celebrate their accomplishments and perhaps even tout them on social media. It is helpful for employees to see how far the company has come, thanks in part to their time and effort. Since MHPOffice launched as MHPToolbox in March of 2011, founders Marshall and Jessalea Anschutz have worked tirelessly to bring a high-quality product to mental health professionals – a group of people very close to their hearts.

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