Unwritten Media Submits BlueprintVR App to Oculus Mobile VR Jam Challenge

Unwritten Media is excited to announce it’s newest product BlueprintVR, an interactive virtual reality app that immerses the user into the plans of any building construction project. BlueprintVR uses Samsung GearVR goggles and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to bring static, 2-dimensional building plans to life. 

We have submitted BlueprintVR to the Oculus Mobile VRJam Challenge under the App/Experience track. With two out of four milestones down for the challenge, we are rolling and excited to share it with the public.

With the BlueprintVR app we have submitted to the VRJam Challenge, the user begins inside an office lobby with two blueprints of two different homes up on the wall. The user is able to choose which blueprint to interact with.102_selection_scene

After choosing a blueprint, the user is placed inside the corresponding home and is able to take a self-guided tour around the home using a video game controller.


The challenge ends on May 11th and public voting begins May 12th. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@blueprintVR) for all of the updates!

In May at the conclusion of the challenge, BlueprintVR will begin taking orders for new construction. If are a builder, an architect or in the middle of your own building project and would like for us to create an interactive experience for you or your client from the project’s CAD or PDF files, contact us. For more information or to be notified when we announce the app’s public release, email us at blueprintvr@unwritten.media.

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